Laboratory Services

Free Access to Laboratory Services

Would your business or project benefit from access to water and materials testing?

Have you got an R&D project that needs support?

The CREST@UCS team will work with you to tailor the services to meet the needs of your project.

Some examples of how we could help:

  • Identification and evaluation of contamination elements in water
  • Non-destructive analysis of materials such as ceramics, minerals, glasses, polymers and metals
  • Determination of levels of compounds in materials for, e.g. pharmaceuticals, life sciences, forensics, mineralogy
  • Particle distribution measurements, useful for quality control. Can determine manufacturing efficiency and final product performance for, e.g. building materials, paints/inks, cosmetics, plastics (dry powders, suspensions, emulsions and aerosols)
  • Measuring carbon content of soils (or any material) through loss on ignition

Our researchers and technicians are happy to discuss any projects, please contact to find out more.