Concord Products Ltd

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Church Farm has 700 acres of arable land and produces 1400 tonnes of straw per year. The Perfect Straw Pellet Company (now Concord Products) was formed to develop a new market opportunity for this straw.

PROJECT OBJECTIVES: Concord Products needed support to structure the business; to test and validate the environmental benefits, performance and competitiveness of the product; to assist with new formulations and additives; and assist with market development.

PROJECT SOLUTIONS: This is an ongoing research project being undertaken with project partners, Reaseheath College, to examine factors such as time & motion, labour requirements, waste production and volumes, horse comfort and health, and costs. The results will be compared with widely used products of a similar nature. Once established, the impacts of additions during the manufacturing process, such as biochars, essential oils and other natural substances, will be examined. The outcome will hopefully be a new product to market.