Little Wenlock Village Hall

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Little Wenlock Village Hall was built in 2000 to replace the previous building that had fallen into disrepair over its 40 year life. It was built to best practice energy efficiency standards at the time. Since then they have upgraded the lighting to LED throughout, and installed a solar PV system in 2013.  

PROJECT OBJECTIVES: The aim was to use CREST’s alternative energy knowledge and one-to-one business support, to complete an assessment of potential smart-grid options for the system, including the provision of ancillary services to the DNO, and the technical, regulatory and financial implications of these. 

PROJECT SOLUTIONS: The collaboration involved a review of electricity generation and consumption, plus proposals for battery storage. Our analysis confirmed that installing a correctly sized battery storage system would allow the hall to become self-sufficient in electricity for at least seven months of the year (March-September), and would reduce grid-supplied electricity for the remaining five months. The result being around a 70% saving on current electricity costs.