Zero Waste in a Box

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Zero Waste in a Box was set up to work with communities, events, businesses and local authorities to reduce waste and maximise recycling. The main activity to date has been Zero Waste Events – a waste management and recycling service to events. ZWB was exploring the options to encourage local people and businesses in Shrewsbury to reduce single-use waste. 

PROJECT OBJECTIVES: The company needed support with a project that explored the feasibility of a takeaway coffee cup deposit scheme in Shrewsbury to reduce non-recyclable waste. The project draws on a scheme that operates successfully in the city of Frieberg, Germany, where people take pride in utilising a reusable cup that is given at a deposit cost from participating businesses when first ordering a hot drink. This cup may then be taken to any other participating business who may refill the cup or return the deposit, wash the cup and put it back into circulation for the next customer.

PROJECT SOLUTIONS: CREST@UCS supported with market research to analyse consumer behaviour patterns, and pitch development for Shrewsbury BID. Alison Thomas, co-founder of Shrewsbury Cup, has now launched the product and it is being used in over 20 coffee shops across Shropshire.