Air, Soil and Water Analysis

CREST has a dedicated laboratory to undertake testing and analysis. This includes chemical analysis of liquid and solid environmental samples through UV-Vis spectrophotometry, XRF, and wet chemistry. We can also preform the physical analysis of materials. We have the facilities to monitor and analyse indoor air quality, and are keen to develop new technologies to manage this and the surrounding environment. The laboratory allows us to analyse samples through mass spectrometry, and research the impact of air quality factors on health and well-being.

Our partner, Reaseheath College, offers us the space and expertise to complete more land based testing, e.g. trials of a plant growth enhancer or a GPS fencing device.

The CREST@UCS team will work with you to tailor the services to meet the needs of your project. CREST@UCS laboratory services are shown below:

Atmospheric Chemistry

Monitoring indoor air quality, atmospheric aerosol chemistry, engine emissions

Micro Research and Development Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Assessment of feed stock suitability, biomethane potential, energy balance, digestate analysis

Sediment and Soil Scanning Analysis

Assessment of soil contaminants, soil structure assessment, particle size analysis*, nutrient analysis, chemical analysis, pH, organic material content measurements [%], testing for heavy metal contamination, biotic index, pollen analysis

*Particle size analysis is not limited to soil samples. Please contact us for more information

Site Assessments

Flow meters, YSI probe for measures of dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, temperature, pH

Water Analysis

Contaminant assessment, nutrient assessment, biotic Index, flow rate, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, temperature, pH

Our researchers and technicians are happy to provide support and advice on any projects that could make use of the services on offer.  If you have a project in mind and would like to make use of our laboratory, please contact and we will be in touch to discuss working together.