Alternative Raw Materials

CREST is working with the ARLI (alternative raw materials with low impact) project, based at University of Birmingham, which offers funded advice and technical support. This allows us to support you in developing innovative low-carbon products and processes.

Through ARLI we can offer a team of experienced academics and engineers to support businesses in developing cost-effective products and processes, which provide energy-efficiency gains in the use of raw and waste materials. The project aims to identify waste streams, or other materials that could be transformed into higher value goods for construction and other manufacturing industry applications. The ARLI areas of expertise are:

Building & Construction

Resource efficiency, low carbon design, repair and maintenance solutions, energy efficient buildings, structures by design, design for assembly, design for disassembly, reuse of materials, mapping the supply chain, redesign to minimise materials use, process improvement, modelling, simulation

Demolition and Structural Dismantling

Resource efficiency, design for demolition, dismantling and decommissioning, predictive decommissioning, modelling of material recommissioning


Resource efficiency, low carbon design, material characterisation, mapping the supply chain, material selection, geotechnical engineering including buried infrastructure facility, fluid dynamics, reuse of materials, modelling the supply chain, smart infrastructure, erosion detection and monitoring, infrastructure monitoring and assessment


Resource efficiency, low carbon design, material characterisation, material selection, design for manufacture, design for remanufacture, design for assembly, reuse of materials, redesign to minimise materials use, design for disassembly, process improvement, rework to extend lifecycle, modelling and simulation including FEA