ClickFit Electrical

PROJECT OVERVIEW: ClickFit Electrical Ltd, based in Telford, was set up to design, manufacture and launch the innovative ClickFit Socket® as well as other products using the patented technology owned by the company. ClickFit Electrical Ltd bring the expertise gained from designing, developing and distributing leading edge products supporting the Electrical & House building markets.

PROJECT OBJECTIVES: As a spinout from AceOn, a battery solar company, Director Mark Thompson is aware of environmental challenges and requirements facing businesses today. He wanted support from CREST@UCS to ultimately gain ISO14001. He wanted a review of ClickFit’s current environmental policy and advice on how they could be more environmentally sustainable as a business.

PROJECT SOLUTIONS: CREST@UCS initially supported by developing an environmental policy for the company. Members of the CREST@UCS team visited the site to complete a waste assessment, which was followed by the creation of a report. Once this was fed back to Mark, our Research Director was able to assist with putting together an Environmental Management System, enabling them to apply for ISO14001.