Fabweld Steel Products

PROJECT OVERVIEW:​ Fabweld Steel Products are market leaders in the design and manufacture of access covers and other fabricated steel products for the construction industry, including non-structural and structural applications. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities from laser-cutting to bar-coding technology they can respond to customer demand for improved quality, quicker turnaround, greater precision, and product innovation. Investment in the latest technologies and commitment to ISO:9001, 14001 and 18001 allows them to streamline their processes and offer bespoke solutions and short lead times.

PROJECT OBJECTIVES: Support was required to research, investigate, analyse, test and evaluate a concrete infill cover, in order to suggest improvements which would reduce manufacturing production costs and improve overall performance under load. It was essential that the alternative product reached the required standard for the marketplace, and ideally reduced costs of production.

PROJECT SOLUTIONS: CREST partners at University of Birmingham conducted research into alternative materials and their suitability for incorporation into the product. This included likely costs associated with the use of these materials in the production process, testing of the existing product to determine areas for improvement and then further testing of the alternative product under load.