GeoSmart Information

PROJECT OVERVIEW: GeoSmart Information Ltd, based in Shrewsbury, are leading specialists in flood risk, drainage and contaminated land. They provide modelling, forecasting and data services in relation to groundwater, flood risk and environmental monitoring. They were looking to expand their existing services and got in touch with CREST@UCS through the Shrewsbury Geospatial Forum.

PROJECT OBJECTIVES:The company sought help from CREST@UCS to scope out new product development in relation to expansion of existing services, which would incorporate new data sets. They wanted to look for opportunities to combine earth observation data with existing services. This could lead to identification of opportunities for research funding and CPD.

PROJECT SOLUTIONS: CREST@UCS provided support in a couple of ways, initially by evaluating potential funding streams that could help GeoSmart develop their research opportunities. However, the bulk of the work consisted of research into sink detection algorithms and flow modelling tools. Our academics were then able to look into options to speed up the process, and provide an easy to follow report for the beneficiary.