Longmynd Travel

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Longmynd Travel has been a family run business for over forty years. Based just outside Shrewsbury, they provide professional coach travel for business and private clients. As a response to Net Zero, they wanted to understand the alternative fuel marketplace for coaches, which is distinct from that for buses.

PROJECT OBJECTIVES: The aim of CREST support was to help them in understanding the alternative low emissions fuel options for coaches, and their likely costs for implementation/compatibility with the existing fleet. They also wanted to know about the existing refuelling options and requirements for longer distance travel. All of this would have a significant impact on the future plan and productivity of the business.

PROJECT SOLUTIONS: Our CREST academic experts completed research into alternative fuels and their suitability to be used either alongside or as a replacement for a standard diesel combustion engine. This included the likely costs associated with the switch over to these alternative fuels. They completed further research on emerging policy and infrastructure projects related to refuelling, which will be relevant to coach transport. Once complete, this will give Longmynd Travel the information to make decisions on what needs to be done to transform their fleet to low emissions fuels.