PROJECT OVERVIEW: Maxpack is a packaging supplier to UK industry. They supply environmentally sustainable industrial packaging products, customisation, systems and multi-site stock management for the manufacturing, distribution, and fulfilment sectors.

PROJECT OBJECTIVES: Maxpack want to develop products and services that bring value to UK industries that have a requirement for packaging their products. They are keen to introduce and develop packaging material made from more sustainable sources and previously used materials. Therefore, the support required from CREST was twofold: firstly, guidance on potential funding they could apply for, and secondly, an evaluation of the strength of strapping products used for securing packages, under different climate conditions. This would provide a better understanding of the mechanical properties of the packaging straps, potentially having a positive impact on the technical specification of the products.

PROJECT SOLUTIONS: CREST provided support with a LOCOP funding application to further develop Maxpack’s packaging material range. We completed research to provide supporting evidence of the associated carbon savings of a new product compared to existing products.

Our partners at University of Birmingham conducted durability tests on the strap samples (shown in the above photograph), measuring the tensile strength before and after the tests. These tests included a wet-dry and freeze-thaw cycle.