Worm Soil

PROJECT OVERVIEW: A start-up when the work with CREST began, Worm Soil is now an established business focused on helping nurseries, landscape gardeners and farmers increase their soil health using natural organic matter. Their plan was to sell vermicast in bulk to businesses who want to improve the quality of their products.

PROJECT OBJECTIVES: CREST initially undertook research into the potential market for vermicast, establishing likely commercial contacts and looking for funding opportunities. The support expanded as Worm Soil requested small scale trials for the vermicompost. These plant growth trials would allow us to assess the quality and consistency of the final product.

PROJECT SOLUTIONS: Our CREST site at Reaseheath College is now undertaking peat-free soil-based plant trials to see if the addition of vermicompost has an impact on the growth of different plant varieties. They are looking at optimising parameters for yield, quality and worm health; optimising process and environmental parameters to avoid seasonal issues with supply chains; and conducting a feasibility study to ascertain a suitable standard of quality and consistency of product across the whole life cycle.