20th June: How to Communicate Eco Creds & Avoid Greenwashing

Practical ideas for how to communicate your business’s eco credentials and avoid greenwashing.

This event will be hosted by Felicity Wingrove, founder of The Ultimate Advantage and Zen Communications.

Part 1: The Great Greenwashing Scandal – How it All Went Wrong, and What Not to Do

Felicity will talk about what greenwashing actually is and discuss some of the big brands who have fallen foul to over stating and over promising on their eco credentials. She will also share examples of empowered and authentic communication.

Part 2: Communicating Your Green Creds the Right Way

A practical session on how to ‘get it right’. This will cover a focus on your business’s stakeholders, drilling down into what really matters to them, scoping what you need to be communicating – and how. Felicity will share some tactics to use, the frequency with which to communicate, and the messaging and language to use

Details: Tuesday, 20th June 2023, 1:15

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