13th May 2021: Living Walls 2

By choice or necessity, most people now live in cities, where population growth, inward migration and policies to limit urban sprawl are producing a more densely built urban environment. The quality of life in urban areas is determined to a large extent by continuing access to green spaces. New possibilities exist for establishing greenery on a vast area provided by the vertical surfaces of buildings.

Green walls have become more noticeable over the last decade but the installations remain confined to mostly prestigious locations where their purpose is to support a corporate image or serve as a visitor attraction. Green walls are required to provide a spectacular visual impact, or wow factor but the question remains: Can green walls be used to mitigate the lack of urban green space in an ever more densely built urban environment?

This 2nd presentation from Dr Terry McBurney will examine the technology limitations, his progress in developing planting systems that meet the requirement, and the new possibilities that may derive from such work. Collaborators are sought to deliver the benefits for public and environmental health, which are potentially immense. The requirements are:

  • An institutional base for the development work
  • Sponsorship and site for a full-scale demonstrator
  • A commercial partner providing a route to market

This talk follows on from the talk Terry gave on 25th February, which is available to view here.

Details: Thursday 13th May, 1pm – 2pm. Please click here to register.

CREST@UCS is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).