25th February 2021: Living Walls

Living (green) wall installations have emerged on the commercial market in the past two decades and have rapidly become a prominent architectural feature in many cities. Much emphasis in research has been placed on the potential of these systems to increase buildings thermal efficiency, improve urban air quality, attenuate nuisance noise and provide habitats for wildlife.  These benefits would be expected to contribute urban resilience to climate change in addition to the main aesthetic purpose of green walls. The systems are potentially also a restorative solution for densely built urban areas with limited access to conventional green space. Urban green infrastructure with such socio-ecological aspiration would provide benefits for public health and economic regeneration that are potentially immense.

In the first of two presentations, Dr Terry McBurney will examine the current role and potential of green wall systems in the urban landscape and the technical, economic and regulatory constraints that have impeded development of wider applications.

In the second presentation (TBC) he will describe the novel green wall system that was eventually devised to meet the requirements and realised as viable prototypes that are scalable for large installations.

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This lunchtime event (1pm-2pm) is being held in association with ‘Green Chester‘ during their ‘Go Green Festival 2021’

CREST@UCS is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).